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Laravel Web Installs Made Easy

Streamline Laravel deployment with a user-friendly web installer. No Composer or SSH needed. Ensure quick, hassle-free installations for clients with a step-by-step wizard, server checks, and more.

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Robust Features
for Laravel Development

Replete with an extensive array of features meticulously designed to significantly streamline and simplify the installation procedure, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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Check For Server Requirements:
Verifies your server requirements, confirmes extension and function enablement for a seamless continuation.
Check For Folders Permissions:
Validates proper folder permissions to ensure writability for cache, logs, and storage folders.
Ability to set database information.
Intuitive UI for configuring database details, with the capability to easily set up the database connection.

Fully customizable

Easy to customize

Integrate, rearrange, and customize steps; modify permission checks and server extensions; enable multilingual support, and more—all at your fingertips.

User-Friendly Interface:
Experience a sleek UI for effortless configuration of your application.
Multilingual Support:
Enjoy the flexibility of multiple language options to cater to diverse user preferences.
Step Customization:
Tailor your experience by adding, removing, or rearranging steps according to your project requirements.
> php artisan make:step ApplicationConfig
'steps' => [
	* The server requirement verification step
	new \RachidLaasri\Installer\Steps\ServerRequirements,

	* The folder permission verification step
	new \RachidLaasri\Installer\Steps\Permissions,
	* The database & seed configuration step
	new \RachidLaasri\Installer\Steps\Database,


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